Solaris 600w Dual Arc / Dual Tube Bulb

$50.95 (was $59.95)

The 600W Dual arc bulb combines the vegetative spectrum of a Metal Halide (MH) and the flowering spectrum of a High Pressure Sodium (HPS) into one dynamic package. This 600W Dual Arc bulb enable your plants to recive a full photosynthetic spectrum from one single light source. As a result of the increased light spectrum, your plants grow faster, stronger and healthier. A Dual Arc Bulb better simulates the light wavelengths of the sun itself, delivering unparalleled performance to your crops.


  • 60,000 Lumens
  • 3000K Color Temperature
  • Standard e39 Base
  • Optimized wavelengths for Growing
  • Designed for both Magnetic and Digital Ballasts