Solar Storm 440W Led Grow Light

  • Solar Storm 440W Led Grow Light
  • Solar Storm 440W Led Grow Light
  • Solar Storm 440W Led Grow Light
  • Solar Storm 440W Led Grow Light
$899.00 (was $1,049.00)


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The California Lightworks SolarStorm 440 is equivalent to a 600 watt High Pressure Sodium or MH! It features 88 -5W premium LEDs with a proprietary spectrum the will provide Killer Crops! The SolarStorm can be switch from Veg mode to Bloom with a flick of a switch and also has two switchable 15W UVB bulbs to develop a high potency harvest. The UVB bulbs are generally turned on during the last few weeks of the flowering cycle. The SolarStorm 440 is a great light for a home or medium sized grow! California Lightworks provides a 3-Year Warranty with outstanding service.


  • Replaces a 600W HID system
  • 88 - High Intensity Premium 5W LED Diodes
  • Four custom designed drivers
  • Separate switch for two built in 15W UVB bulbs to enhance
  • Optimized switchable color spectrum designed to deliver killer yields!
  • Covers a 3’ x 3’ area for blooming -16-24” above the canopy
  • Covers a 6’ x 6’ area for Veg. (up to 5 feet above plants)
  • .040" Aluminum Metal Core PCB
  • Dominant Color Spectrum: Red 620nm, Deep Blue 440nm, Blue 470nm, Deep Red 665nm, Warm White 3100k and UVB (T8’s) 285-315nm
  • Consumes: 235 Watts in Veg Mode, 320 Watts in Bloom Mode, 350 Watts in Bloom Mode withUVB
  • Size: 15" X 18" X 5"
  • Designed and Manufactured in the United States
  • Weighs: 18lbs
  • Limited 3 Year Warranty
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

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