Lighthouse Hydro 4 x 2' x 7' Grow Tent

  • Lighthouse Hydro 4 x 2' x 7' Grow Tent
  • Lighthouse Hydro 4 x 2' x 7' Grow Tent
  • Lighthouse Hydro 4 x 2' x 7' Grow Tent
  • Lighthouse Hydro 4 x 2' x 7' Grow Tent
  • Lighthouse Hydro 4 x 2' x 7' Grow Tent

The 48W x 24L x 84"H (4’ X 2’ X 7’) Hydro Grow Tent can be used for a clone room or a full cycle grow room. Large full sized doors with Velcro covered window on the front door. Fully adjustable light hangers make it easy for you to arrange your equipment and lighting at any level. This tent is just the right size for two 180W or 240W LED Grow Lights or one 400W lamp. The upper two 8" ports feature drawstrings and double-sided so you can use 4" or 6" or 8" ducts. The lower two 4" with drawstrings and double-sided socks provide ample access for your tubing and wiring. The waterproof floor keeps any spills inside and makes for quick and easy clean up.



  • Double stitched fabric made with Quality 900D canvasscreen-shot-2015-03-05-at-10.44.01-pm.png
  • Interior has 100% Reflective Tear Proof Mylar
  • Interior is protected from exterior light by 99.9%
  • New Design has steel corners for extra reinforcement.
  • Powder coated 1/2" steel pole frame
  • All heavy duty zippers are covered by a canvas overlay
  • Removable and waterproof 3" high Mylar Floor
  • 1/2" Steel Heavy Duty Light Hangers
  • Equipped with two - fifty inch adjustable hanging straps
  • Three fresh air intake vents (11.5" x 3") -one on each side and one on the back
  • Two storage pockets (8.5" x 8.75") for meters, logs, etc.

IR Blocker Roof Panel Option

An Optional Lighthouse Hydro IR (Infra-Red) Blocker Roof Panel is available for every size Lighthouse Hydro Grow Tent. This is ideal for the indoor gardener because it cuts down both light and heat signatures and helps you maximize the efficiency of your Grow Lights. The IR Blocker Roof Panel is 6Mil thick and is made with dual layers of high reflective Mylar bonded to an inner layer of insulation. The polyurethane combo construction provides the blocker film with increased flexibility and strength. The IR Blocker Roof Panel is100% light tight and is extremely durable. It will reduce the heat signature by up to 97%. The additional cost is $24.95 and is set as an option. recommends this product when purchasing a Lighthouse Hydro Tent.