Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package

  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package
  • Kind L600 450W - Gorilla 4x4 GGT Grow Tent Package

Limited Time Offer!

Kind-Gorilla Grow Tent Package 1


1 -KIND L600 450Watt LED Grow Light

1 -4x4 Gorilla Grow Tent Premium GGT44

KIND L600 450W LED Grow Light

The Kind LED K3 series are built with quality 3 watt LED’s, which produce a proprietary intensified 12 Band complete spectrum, designed specifically for flowering monster yields. They feature a 700mA driving current that creates a 200% deeper canopy penetration. They have extra quite fans and heavy-duty heat sinks and are built with superior quality craftsmanship. The K3 series will produce the best and biggest yields while producing virtually no heat and approximately half the electricity. These models will run cooler, quieter and more efficiently than any other grow light on the market.


      • Proprietary 12 Band Complete Spectrum
      • 150 - 3 Watt LED Diodes for a total of 450wscreen-shot-2015-03-05-at-10.44.01-pm.png
      • Actual wattage draw is 320 watts
      • HID Equivalent is 600w
      • Secondary Optical Lens Magnifies PAR Increasing Canopy Penetration By Up to 200%
      • LED Diodes run at 700 mA Increasing Diode Output & Efficiency
      • Provides a 3' X 4' footprint
      • Ten Modules with 15 diodes in each
      • Heavy Duty Heat Sinks
      • Precision Drivers
      • Extra Quiet Fans
      • 2 CM Aluminum Circuit Boards
      • Superior Craftsmanship
      • Dimensions: 25″ x 11″ x 3″
      • Voltage: 100-240V AC
      • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
      • Amperage: 2.67
      • Weight: 20 lbs.
      • 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty

4x4 Gorilla Grow Tent Premium GGT44


  • 4' X 4' x 6'-11" (48"W x 48"L X 83"H)
  • Tent extends to 7' feet 11 inches tall with included extension kit - Free Limited Time Offer
  • Patent Pending Infrared Blocking Roof Insertion Included -Free Limited Time Offer
  • 1680 D Canvas – 3 to 9 Times That Of Other Grow Tents
  • Diamond Reflecting Walls redirect lumens where they should be.
  • Ceiling Capacity up to 300lbs
  • No Plastic –Steel Interlocking Corners
  • Largest "Easy Engage" Zippers On The Market
  • Doorways offer a 360 degree access
  • Expandable ceiling height to 10 feet using optional expansion kits.
  • 10” Double Cinching Ducting Ports
  • 2" Cord Ports
  • Convenient Tool Pouch
  • Easy set up instructions
  • FREE SHIPPING - 1 Year Warranty

Gorilla Grow Tents are perfect for experts and beginners alike. Their professional design makes them the top of the line when it comes to grow tents. Duct ports are located in ideal positions for optimal air flow. Large, clear viewing windows allow you to monitor your crop without altering the conditions inside by opening the door. Conveniently placed entryways allow for convenient access to all areas and the bigger sizes mean moving around is easy. Every aspect of Gorilla grow tents is designed to optimize the growing conditions to make your crop a success.

Gorilla Grow Tents are:

  • HIGHEST - Patent Pending fully adjustable expansion pole kits allow you to raise the height of your grow tent anywhere from 7 feet to 8 feet to 9 feet or even 10 feet tall!
  • STRONGEST Gorilla Grow Tents are the strongest you can get. Our interlocking frames are made with solid metal that is up to five times stronger than any other grow tent and can hold up to 300 lbs of weight.
  • DENSESTThese Grow Tents are made with an incredibly high thread density – 1680D! Most other tents use only 200 to 600 thread density.
  • SAFEST – Surfaces remain cool with our Patent Pending infrared inhibiting roof. Odors and noises stay in the tent where they belong with our high density fabric and tight seams. Leaks and floods are kept at bay too. Our incredibly dense fabric holds water and will never leak.
  • CLEANEST – Gorilla Grow Tents were the first to include bug resistant filters. Our double cinched duct ports mean no air leaks and nothing is getting in or out of these tents.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY – Heavy duty large sturdy zippers, double cinched duct ports, diamond reflection technology and high quality pre-filters are what put Gorilla Grow Tents ahead of the pack. You won’t find an ounce of plastic anywhere in our tents either.
  • SIMPLEST – set up is easy with our detachable roof, simple instructions and quick assembly. Our convenient entryways provide 360° accessibility, clear windows make viewing easy and bigger designs make maneuvering easy too.
  • BEST INSULATED – You get complete control over the climate in your Gorilla Grow Tent. With the thick dense walls and tight seals, these tents are more like grow rooms. Maintaining the perfect humidity, temperature and air flow is a cinch with Gorilla Grow Tents.
  • SMART DESIGN – Gorilla Grow Tents are created for growers by growers. All of the features you wish you had in a grow tent are in these tents. We feature 10” duct ports strategically placed to allow for perfect airflow and air-cooled lights. Every aspect of Gorilla Grow Tents makes growing a pleasure. “EZ View” clear windows, tool pouch, doors that open completely for 360 degree accessibility, strong metal poles that fit most filters, fans and other equipment are just a few of the things that make Gorilla Grow Tents the best.
  • MOST USER FRIENDLY – These grow tents are perfect for beginners, experts, and everyone in between. Set up instructions are easy to understand and our customer service and support is the best in the industry. We make growing easy, fun and safe.


Gorilla Grow Tents surpass all others. They are taller, thicker and stronger than any other.



GORILLA GROW TENTS have patent pending fully adjustable height expansion kits that let you increase the tent height anywhere from 7 to 9 feet tall. This means up to 50% bigger plants. Your plants won’t outgrow your grow tent and best of all, you can move around freely in there too.

OTHER TENTS come in 6 foot heights only. This limits your plant size, which will lessen yields. It also means you can’t stand up straight in there without hitting your head on lights and pipes.


GORILLA GROW TENTS feature dense, 1680 thread count fabric with a reflective coating. This is three to nine times thicker than other grow tents. This makes them stronger, longer-lasting; light tight, noise proof and safer than other thinner tents. Our diamond reflective material is more reflective and hotspot-free.

OTHER GROW TENTS use fabric with only 200 to 600 thread counts. These tents tear, the zippers come loose and they are not nearly as light tight. Thin materials mean a greater risk of flooding and leaking and hot spots.


GORILLA GROW TENT frames are truly built to last! They are up to five times stronger than other grow tents on the market. With 100% metal poles and secure fasteners holding it all together, you can’t beat the durability in these grow tents. Nothing will take these things down! In addition to all that, we’ve included thick viewing windows, extra-strong zippers and reinforced seams. The fabric we use in our grow tents is strong and durable and will last for years.

Other grow tents on the market today use cheap, flimsy plastic or aluminum poles. Their plastic connections and corners break easily and the zippers tend to stick and separate easily. The fabric used in many grow tents is quite thin and the seams are known for ripping.


GORILLA GROW TENTS prevent flooding with their thick flood pool. The thick and strong fabric and thread means no rips or tears. Dense walls keep noise, odor and light in. The patent pending Infrared Blocking roof is insulated and keeps the exterior surfaces cool. Strong, metal frames eliminate the risk of lights and fans falling.

OTHER GROW TENTS have no way to keep the surfaces cool and are prone to overheating. Thin, cheap fabric and stitching lets light, water, odors and noise leak out. Flimsy frames are prone to bending and breaking and are a safety hazard.


GORILLA GROW TENTS are disease and insect resistant. Insect resistant mesh pre-filters keep nasty bugs away from your plants. Double cinched duct ports create superior seals and prevent mold spores and diseases from getting in.

OTHER GROW TENTS have no system of pre-filters. Bugs, pathogens and mold spores are free to come and go as they please. Ducts, seams and corners are loose and allow easy entry for bugs, germs and mold.


GORILLA GROW TENTS are taller, so they allow for much better air flow, making temperature control much easier. The dense, insulated walls keep external temperatures from affecting internal temperatures.

OTHER GROW TENTS have much less headspace for hot air to collect in. Airflow is not as good in tents less than 7 feet tall. The thin fabric of the walls makes controlling internal temperatures much more difficult.


GORILLA GROW TENTS feature strong, durable metal poles that will never bend or buckle under the weight of lights, fans and equipment. Connectors and fasteners are strong and the corners are metal rather than plastic. Strong thread and reinforced seams are rip resistant and heavy duty zippers will not stick or split. Gorilla cuts no corners when it comes to durability. The thick walls and reinforced seams let no light or odors in or out. The flood pool is super strong and leak proof. Our unique diamond reflective walls eliminate the problem of hotspots and provide even light distribution. On top of all this, Gorilla guarantees their products and offers a full one year warranty.

OTHER GROW TENTS really skimp on quality. They have weak, cheap zippers, thin walls that tear easily and let precious light escape. Flimsy plastic or aluminum poles just can’t hold the weight of heavy lights and fans and tend to bend and collapse. Poorly designed flood pools increase the risk of leaks and floods. Most tents are poorly designed in areas of vent placement, door and window design and fabric choices.


GORILLA GROW TENTS are quick and easy to set up. Additional features like Velcro door closures make it easy to keep the door open while you’re working and provide additional seals over zippers. Clear EZ View windows reduce the need to open the tent and compromising the perfect environment you’ve created. 360° accessible doors give you access to every part of the tent. The extra one to three feet of height made possible with the adjustable poles means no more crawling or crouching and gives that much extra grow space. Our grow tents are all designed to accommodate typical hydroponics equipment and still have room to move around.

OTHER GROW TENTS are not so easy to set up. Poorly placed doors and inferior zippers means there are some areas in the tents that you can’t even reach! Six foot ceilings don’t allow for any room to move once you have lights and vents installed and your plants may outgrow the tents. Many warranties are very limited or non-existent and forget about customer support.


GORILLA GROW TENTS lead the way in design with strategically placed duct ports that allow for perfect closed loop air cooled light systems and superior air flow. 10 inch cinched ducts provide extra airflow and can accommodate any sized ductwork. Taller tents allow for bigger plant growth, more airflow, cooler temperatures and ease of movement within. Extra insect-proof pre filters, handy tool pouch strong flood pool, easy access doors, clear viewing windows and strong frame all add up to the best growing environment you can ask for.

OTHER GROW TENTS don’t pay attention to port placement making airflow and ventilation difficult. Lack of pre filters allow all sorts of unwanted bugs and germs in. Weak poles provide no support for lights and fans. Low ceilings mean poor heat venting and banging your head on hanging lights all too common.

Additional 24" Height Extension Kits Are Available for $86.39 a piece