Gorilla Lite Line - 4’ X 4’ X 6’7” Grow Tent

  • Gorilla Lite Line - 4’ X 4’ X 6’7” Grow Tent
  • Gorilla Lite Line - 4’ X 4’ X 6’7” Grow Tent
  • Gorilla Lite Line - 4’ X 4’ X 6’7” Grow Tent
  • Gorilla Lite Line - 4’ X 4’ X 6’7” Grow Tent
  • Gorilla Lite Line - 4’ X 4’ X 6’7” Grow Tent
  • Gorilla Lite Line - 4’ X 4’ X 6’7” Grow Tent
  • Gorilla Lite Line - 4’ X 4’ X 6’7” Grow Tent
  • Gorilla Lite Line - 4’ X 4’ X 6’7” Grow Tent
  • Gorilla Lite Line - 4’ X 4’ X 6’7” Grow Tent

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Gorilla was asked by customers to bring their costs down and produce a quality tent that had all the features of the original Gorilla grow tents but with a budget price. Gorilla Lite was designed for those growers that are on a budget! The lite Line is perfect for a beginner or ideal for the expert. Their experts have made 10” double cinching ports that are positioned where they should be. Large windows are provided to allow growers to view their grow without compromising their plant’s environment. It offers 360-degree access with doorways and wraparound industry best zippers. The lite Line has metal interlocking poles (no plastic) that provide stable and strong enclosures that can support up to 170lbs.


  • Dimensions: 4’ X 4’ X 6’7” (48” X 48” X 79”)screen-shot-2015-03-05-at-10.44.01-pm.png
  • Interior uses Diamond reflection technology.
  • With Height Extension Kit (sold separately) is 7’-7”
  • Dependable and durable 210D canvas with precision stitching
  • Six 10″ double cinching ducting ports; cinched on the inside and outside
  • Two electrical ports
  • No plastic - Metal interlocking frame & corners.
  • Supports up to 170Lbs in hardware.
  • Premium large “Easy Engage” zippers.
  • One large Door & Large easy view windows.
  • Convenient tool pouch.
  • Adjustable Bug Resistant Micro Mesh Venting with Velcro seals
  • Heavy Duty Flood Protection Pool.
  • Easy Set-up Instructions
  • Weight 30 lbs.
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty on Craftsmanship

pdf-instructions.pngAssembly Instructions 4x4 Download

Additional 12” Height Extension Kits Are Available for $41.39.




Gorilla’s Lite Line Series of Grow Tents features an optional extension height kit (sole separately) to give you the ability to increase your growing height by 1 foot. You plants will grow bigger and you will never have to concern yourself about your plants outgrowing your room and lights. No longer will you have to crouch to manoeuver banging your head on low hanging lights. The Gorilla Grow tents & their lite line are the only height extending tent option worldwide.

Other Tents competitors are limited to six feet in height. Plants often outgrow the space provided and as a result have smaller yields. Gardeners often pay the price with their back hunched over & head banging against reflector hoods.


Gorilla’s Lite Line uses a cutting edge technology to bind their diamond reflective interior with the canvas exterior. Its density is 210D, however, it has superior rigidity over other competing grow tents. As a result, the Gorilla’s Lite Line is not plagued with the same issues with comparable or greater density canvas tents.

Other Grow Tents range between 190D and 600D canvas however do not utilize Lite Line’s Proprietary binding technique. They tend to leak light and rip easier. Their outdated reflection design creates hot spots in the tent and does not utilize rogue lumens effectively.


Gorilla’s Lite Line uses an interlocking all steel frame. They include strong zippers, durable fabric, viewing windows and tightly reinforced seals.

Other Tents use thin steel poles, aluminum and fragile plastic. Connectors and plastic corners often brake or crack putting your grow at risk. Other tents issues include loose ducting seals, seams that tear and faulty zippers.


Gorilla’s Lite line was designed with safety in mind. Gorilla’s interlocking frame and snug fitting canvas will provide you far greater peace of mind than other competing tents. The flood pool provided actually performs as intended.

Other Tents provide heat temperatures off the chart due to no effort to reduce surface temps. Thin fabrics & single line sewing equates to light, water leaks and odor and overall poor climate control. Thin week frames represent a danger of buckling that will always keep you nervous of a tent collapse.


Gorilla’s Lite Line tents are disease & bug resistant. All vents have a bug resistant micromesh that filters out unwanted pests leading to infestations. All ducting ports are double lined to allow for containment, mold prevention and maximum seals.

Other Tents have large netted pre-filters that allow infestations or no pre-filter at all. Poorly sewn corners and ducting vents that are loose also contribute to microbes, leaky environs and freeloading insects taking over your grow room.


Gorilla’s Lite Line tents feature a height extension kit that allows heat to rise well above the plant canopy where it could do some real damage.

Other Grow Tents have low height where the hot air sits on top of your plants. Many tent competitors’ have tents made of thin fabric, which allows air to easily permeate the tent creating temperature functions & an environment that’s difficult to maintain.


Gorilla’s Lite Line has extra strong steel poles that will last a lifetime and keep heavy lights & filters secure. Gorilla Grow tents have a frame that uses locking fasteners and have metal corner pieces that snap into place and stay. Gorilla Lite Line is made with super strong, large quality zippers and the canvas has reinforced stitching in the corners to provide functionality and durability. They also have a deep durable safety pool that is made of thick material that doesn’t leek. Diamond Reflection Technology is used in the Gorilla Lite Line that redistributes up to thirty percent more lumens, providing your plants more of what they need to thrive and creating less waste. All of the Gorilla Lite Line comes with a full warranty for one year.

Other Tents have poor constructionwith loosely woven canvas resulting in tears & rips in corners, odor and light leaks and weak flimsy zippers that tent to break. Non-locking poles and weak plastic can buckle under pressure leading to a disastrous tent cave-in. Flood pools or water trays that leak can give growers a false sense of security. Design details such as doorway design, port placement, height considerations, window viewing and in some cases gaseous material can all contribute to a frustrating experience to the gardener.


Gorilla’s Lite Line has easy assembly. They provide easy set-up instructions that will make assembly a breeze. Gorilla’s Lite Line has Velcro strips to seal over the heavy-duty zippers and keeping your doors open when needed. Viewing windows are provided for the grower to check your plants without affecting their environment. To allow convenient access to your grow space Gorilla’s Lite Line has wrap around doors allowing 360 degree accessibility. The additional height provides the gardener crouch-free maneuvering throughout your tent. Gorilla has also added a handy pouch for your tools in every tent.

Other Tents can be difficult to assemble without tearing the fabric during the set-up process. Many times set-up instructions are not even provided. Other tents have no access from the back and sides causing growers to neglect out of reach plants. With low ceiling height, head bumping and back braces are common occurrence. And don’t under estimate not having a handy pouch for your tools. And of course, many other tents have no warranty or are extremely limited. Gorilla comes with a full warranty on craftsmanship.


Gorilla’s Lite Line tents have properly placed portsallowing for proper airflow and ease of set-up. Ducting ports are all 10” for multiple size ducting and can be cinched from both the outside and inside of the tent. The extra height means larger plants, cooler temps and maximum yields. All in all the thick interlocking frame, bug resistant pre-filters, appropriate sizes, internal tool pouch, 360 degree access and sturdy flood pool provides the grower with an amazing grow experience.

Other Tents have poor placement of duct ports leading to inadequate closed loop ventilation. No pre-filters, allow microbes & bugs, to readily pass into the tent and cause infestations. Thin tent poles cannot support heavy equipment such as fans, reflectors and filters. Tent sizes are not determined properly to allow you to move freely throughout your tent. Heat pockets near the canopy will be created in lower height tents reducing your yield.