BlackStar 180w HO V2.0 (Veg/Clone)

BlackStar V2.0 LED Grow Lights
The BlackStar series of LED lights have been the world's best selling line of LED grow lights since 2008. Although there
were 6 versions and multiple upgrades over the 5 years of production, this represents the first complete redesign since
the inception of the LED that brought 3w chips to the market. Lighthouse Hydro is one of 3 oldest LED manufacturers,
and that experience and customer base has given them the opportunity to know what changes were needed and
desired. The new BlackStar LED’s feature a patented reflector system which replaces the optics used in encapsulation
and the FSF ratio will produce tighter node spacing in vegetative growth, and superior essential oil production in
flowering. All BlackStar V2.0s now feature a one year limited warranty.