8" - 600mm Magnum Hydroponic Carbon Filter

$131.95 (was $138.55)


  • Removes 99.5% of airborne odors
  • 550-650 cfm Range
  • Cotton pre-filter included
  • Built-in 8" flange
  • 12-18 months average life span

The professional line of Magnum Pro carbon air filters outshines all the rest! Not only are these filters are made with top-quality Australian Mined Carbon, they actually have 50% more of it that your average filter. Most filters use only a 1 or 1 ½ inch thickness of carbon, but the Magnum Pro uses a full 2 inch thick carbon layer. Australian Mined Carbon is made from coal, rather than plants. During processing, the coal is treated with oxygen to create tiny pockets between the carbon molecules. This causes the surface to expand to an astonishing 2000 square meters from only one gram of coal! Obviously, this creates an extremely light and porous substance – perfect for air filters. Coal-based carbon is also 2 to 3 times more effective than plant-based carbon. Give the Magnum Pro line of filters a try and you’re sure to be impressed!