6” Air Cooled Tube Reflector

$69.95 (was $82.95)

This reflector is one of the longest cool tube reflectors in the industry. It measures 27” long and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The reflector is made of premium German aluminum that is polished and textured. It provides a reflectivity rating of 95%. It has 6” aluminum flanges at each end for connecting an intake duct from outside the grow room and an exhaust duct to take the hot air running over the bulb directly outside the grow room. This is perfect when using CO2 as it keeps the CO2 where you want it and not exhausted outside with hot air from your lamp. The reflector is compatible with most major ballasts using either HPS or MH bulbs.


  • Measures 27” in length
  • 6” Flanges at each end of the reflector make it easy to attach ducting.
  • Constructed with high quality aluminum (95% reflective)
  • Vertical and Horizontal mounting options
  • Tempered Glass
  • Airtight Maximum Airflow Over the Bulb, minimizing heat in your growing area
  • Accepts all sizes of HPS & MH bulbs
  • Compatible with both magnetic & Digital Ballasts
  • Includes light socket & 15 foot cord
  • Standard Universal Cord Connector
  • Lightweight