6” Air Cooled Horizon Sun Spot Reflector 21” X 23” X 7.5”

$99.95 (was $119.95)

Cool-Running Grow Light and quality Ballast makes this Kit of best value in the industry. This reflector has 6” flanges at each end for easy hookup of ducting. Contains a tempered glass face that is heat resistant and durable. The Sun Spot Reflector is air tight to maximize airflow over the HPS or MH bulb. With a 1000-Watt bulb & Ballast it will ideally cover between 25 and 36 sq. feet, a 600-Watt set-up will cover between 16 to 25 square feet, and a 400-Watt set-up will cover between 9 to 16 sq. feet.


  • Dimensions: 21” X 23” X 7.5”
  • Constructed with high quality aluminum (95% reflective)
  • Completely Airtight for Maximum Airflow Over the Bulb, minimizing heat in your growing area
  • Tempered Glass is Removable for Easy Bulb Access
  • Accepts all sizes of HPS & MH bulbs
  • Includes a fully integrated light socket & 15’ cord
  • Standard Universal Cord Connector
  • Extremely Lightweight and has Low Profile Design
  • Exceptional Uniform Light Output
  • Twin 6” Flanges at each end of the reflector make it easy to attach ducting
  • Bulbs & Ballast Not Included