150W Digital Ballast HPS/MH

  • 150W Digital Ballast HPS/MH
  • 150W Digital Ballast HPS/MH
  • 150W Digital Ballast HPS/MH
$85.95 (was $116.95)

Performance speaks louder than words. This UL listed digital ballast simply outperforms the rest. Why buy a150 watt magnetic ballast from a Hydroponics store chain that will consume more energy and give you less light? This digital ballast puts out 50% more than the competition's magnetic ballasts! Lighting is the most important factor for gardening and this high quality FCC tested 150w Digital Ballast will provide great lighting while only running at 1.3 amps. The silent, cool running, and fast starting 150w Digital Ballast is packed with safety features to ensure great longevity. If there are any circuit problems (that can be caused from a faulty bulb or even wire), the ballast will shut off. The 150w Digital Ballast is resin coated to ensure that the surrounding environment will not cause any damage. This digital ballast is completely switchable and will work with MH and HPS bulbs.


  • 30% increase in lumens over magnetic ballasts
  • UL® Listed
  • Is lightweight with a compact design
  • Runs quit and cool (Up to 15% cooler than other digital ballasts
  • Maximum Lumens with either HPS of MH Bulbs
  • Super Fast Start-up, stable light output and longer bulb life
  • Generator & Flip Box Ready
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty