1000W HPS Grow Light Kit – 8” Air Cooled 26” X 37” (Standard Kit)

$399.95 (was $496.67)

Cool-Running Grow Light and Quality Ballast makes this Kit of best value in the industry. The Extra Large Square designed reflector maximizes light for square or circular growing areas. The reflector, which uses direct venting, is ideal when using CO2 as it keeps the CO2 with your plants. The 1000-Watt version covers between 25 and 36 square feet. Use in the Flowering and Fruiting growth stages

Kit Includes

  • (1) – 8” Super Nova Reflector by Horizon


    • Dimensions: 26” X 37” X 8”
    • Direct Venting is ideal in situations where CO2 is used.
    • Twin 8” Flanges at each end of the reflector make it easy to attach ducting.
    • Constructed with high quality aluminum (95% reflective)
    • Exceptional Uniform Light Output
    • Completely Airtight for Maximum Airflow Over the Bulb, minimizing heat in your growing area
    • Tempered Glass is Removable for Easy Bulb Access
    • Accepts all sizes of HPS & MH bulbs
    • Compatible with both magnetic & Digital Ballasts
    • Includes a fully integrated light socket & 15’ cord
    • Standard Universal Cord Connector
    • Chrome Steel Hangers Included

  • (1) - 1000W ReVolt Digital Dimmable Ballast


    • Dimmable Ballast (Run at 50%, 75% or 100% for power savings)
    • 30% increase in lumens over magnetic ballasts
    • UL Listed
    • ReVolt is lightweight with a compact design
    • Runs quit and cool (Up to 15% cooler than other digital ballasts
    • Maximum Lumens with either HPS of MH Bulbs
    • Super Fast Start-up, stable light output and longer bulb life
    • Generator & Flip Box Ready
    • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

  • (1) - 1000W Solaris HPS (High Pressure Sodium) Bulb


    • Designed For Optimum Use and Maximum Yield
    • 140,000 Lumens
    • Excellent Bulb Life
    • Optimized Wavelengths for Flowering/Fruiting
    • 2100K Color Temperature