10" - 1000mm Magnum Hydroponic Carbon Filter

$214.95 (was $225.70)


  • Removes 99.5% of airborne odors
  • 1100-1400 cfm Range
  • Cotton pre-filter included
  • Built-in 10" flange
  • 18 months average life span


There’s really no comparison when it comes to Magnum Pro Carbon Air Filters. They outperform any other similar filter on the market. These filters employ the use of Activated Australian Mined Carbon for superior absorbency. They also use 50% more Australian Mined Carbon than other filters, with a full 2” thickness, as opposed to the usual 1” to 1.5”. This type of carbon is made from coal, not plants. The coal is subjected to a process that infuses it with oxygen, creating millions of miniscule pockets in between the carbon molecules, making it lighter and 2 to 3 times more porous than plant-based carbon. In fact, with this method of processing, a gram of coal can be turned into 2000 m2 of carbon surface space!