Preventing Root Rot In Hydroponics Gardens

Growing plants in a water-based hydroponics medium as opposed to traditional soil offers several unique benefits, some of which includes larger harvest yields, faster growth, and less space requirements. However, one of the disadvantages that many hydroponic gardeners report is their plants’ susceptibility to root rot. Whether you’re growing a single plant hydroponically or a hundred, you should take the necessary precautions to prevent root rot.

What Is Root Rot

Root rot is kind of a catch all term used to describe water-based fungal infection in the genus Phytophthora. The fungal spores may travel through the air, insect or water, at which point they reach the plant’s roots where they begin to slowly break it down. Just as the name suggests, this condition is characterized by the rotting of the plant’s material. If left untreated, the plant’s roots will literally rot away.

The most common type of root rot is Phytophthora cinnamomi. You can read more about root rot here.

Tips To Protect Your Hydroponics Plants From Root Rot:
•Install air pumps and stones to encourage better aeration.
•Increase the amount of lighting in your hydroponics garden.
•Inspect your plants every couple of days to ensure they aren’t suffering from root rot or any other type of infectious disease.
•Use an activated charcoal filter to remove impurities – including rot root-causing mold – from your hydroponics garden.

Combat Root Rot With Hydrogen Peroxide

Want to know the secret to treating and preventing root rot? No, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on some over-priced chemical at your local plant nursery. The secret is to use hydrogen peroxide. A typical bottle of hydrogen peroxide costs about a $1 buck, but it can offer several different treatment applications for combating root rot.

So, how does hydrogen peroxide work? Scientifically speaking, hydrogen peroxide (H202) is water with an additional oxygen atom. By using it inside your hydroponics garden, you’re essentially increasing the concentration of air, and when there’s more air, there’s less chance of root rot.

If you’re struggling with root rot in a hydroponics garden, try adding some hydrogen peroxide into the mix. It’s completely safe and shouldn’t have any adverse effects on your plants. The key thing to remember is to start small and gradually add more H202 as needed. Within just a couple of days, you should begin to see the root rot decline.