Product Spotlight: The Gorilla Grow Tent 2.5’ X 2’ x 6’-11"

Gorilla Grow is a name that’s synonymous with quality in the grow tent industry. Ever since the company’s inception nearly three years ago, they continue to raise the bar higher and higher for other manufacturers to follow. Several fly-by-night companies have attempted to mimic Gorilla Grow’s success, but all of them have failed. The fact remains that Gorilla Grow is the undisputed leader in grow tents.

Offered here at, the 2.5’ X 2’ x 6’-11" Gorilla Grow Tent is the perfect tent for anyone looking to grow plants discretely indoors with minimal space. And being that it’s manufactured by Gorilla Grow, you can rest assured knowing it’s going to withstand the hands of time for a countless number of years to come.

The 2.5’ X 2’ x 6’-11" Gorilla Grow Tent extends to 7'11" using the extension kit (included FREE with your purchase at It’s a tall grow tent that provides more than enough room for a healthy plant to grow, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this tent requires a ton of space. On the contrary, it’s just 30" wide and 24" long, making it the preferred choice by individuals looking to start an indoor garden with minimal space.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a massive, oversized grow room where they can fill it with dozens of plants. And growing plants outdoors isn’t an option due to the presence of pests, temperature changes, and other elements. The 2.5’ X 2’ x 6’-11" Gorilla Grow Tent is the solution to this problem, as it offers a tall yet still small and compact housing to grow your plant indoors.

Don’t waste your money on some cheap grow tent made with low-quality materials and fabric. Even if it holds up for a couple harvests, it will eventually begin to show signs of wear and tear before breaking down altogether. The 2.5’ X 2’ x 6’-11" Gorilla Grow Tent is a beautiful tent that’s perfect for small indoor areas.

Some of the features on the 2.5’ X 2’ x 6’-11" Gorilla Grow Tent include:
•Ceiling capacity of 300 lbs
•Built-in tool pouch (great for stashing pruning shears, fertilizer, pH testing strips, etc.)
•2 cord ports
•Massive 7'11" tall ceiling
•360-degree doorway

In the highly unlikely event that your Gorilla Grow Tent breaks (again, it’s doubtful this will ever happen), you’ll be glad to know that it’s backed by a 1-year warranty.