Tips To Protect Your Garden From Flooding

All living organism on Earth require water to survive, including plants and vegetation. However, too much water can literally wash the soil away, stripping it of beneficial nutrients while creating pools of standing water that drown nearby plants. You can control the amount of water you personally give your plants, but unfortunately there’s no “off” button to stop a torrential spring downpour.

Common Causes of Garden Flooding:
•Gutters positioned directly over plant beds.
•Water hoses left near plants.
•Poor runoff.
•Excess amount of rainfall.
•Water spicket left on.

Check Your Garden’s Angle

If your garden is right against the edge of your home, it should be angle outwards to naturally prevent standing water. Any water that lands in the garden will flow out and away from the home thanks to the natural force of gravity. Gardens that slope inwards towards the home have the opposite effect: water will pool up in the plant beds, drowning them and restricting their nutritional intake.

Dig a Trench

Of course, you can usually solve flooding problems by digging trenches to channel the water away from your garden. Doing so will create a new path for the water to travel, allowing it to naturally run away your plants. Trenches are fairly easy to construct and work incredibly well for re-routing flood water.

Plan out exactly where you want the water to flow before digging your trench. Ideally, the trench should be designed to route water downhill, as gravity will keep it moving. It’s also recommended that you fill it with stones or gravel to protect it from being washed out during a heavy downpour.

Add More Plants

You might be surprised to learn that adding more plants to your garden can help protect it from flooding. How exactly does this work? Certain types of plants, especially bushy ones, absorb moderate amounts of water; thus, keeping the soil dry. If you’re struggling to cope with frequent floodings in your garden, try adding some more plants to help absorb the excess water.

These are just a few tips on how to protect your garden from flooding. There’s no way to accurately predict what mother nature has in store. It might not rain for several weeks, and then all of a sudden you’re blasted with an intense downpour. Following the tips listed here will protect your plants from flooding caused by heavy bouts of rain.