Tips For Keeping Moles Out of The Garden

It’s hard to believe that such a small animal can cause so much damage and destruction to a garden, but that’s exactly why you need to keep moles away from your plants. As they dig their subterranean tunnels, they’ll eat through critical root systems, often killing plants in the process. Allowing an infestation of these critters to persist can have devastating effects on your garden, but thankfully there are some precautions you can take to keep them at bay.

Identify Mole Tunnels

The first step in your battle against garden moles is to identify their tunnels. Like many other subterranean Earth-borrowing creatures, moles build tunnels with two separate entry points. Not only does this offer them an alternative escape route in the event they are being chased by a predator, but it also serves as a natural air conditioning system. The two entry points creates a vacuum, sucking air from the surface and pushing it throughout the tunnel.

Go throughout your garden to look for entry points to mole tunnels. You don’t want to destroy them yet, but instead stick a marker next to them. Tearing them down or covering them up isn’t going to solve your problem, as the mole will simply burrow through it once again.

Castor Oil Granules

One of the most effective mole repellents is castor oil. You can purchase bags of granule castor oil pellets from most home improvement stores for about $10-$20 bucks, making it an inexpensive way to discourage these pests from entering your garden.

Castor oil isn’t designed to kill moles, gophers, voles or any other garden pest. Instead, it acts as a natural repellent, encouraging them to seek a new home.

How To Use Prevent Moles With Castor Oil Granules:
1.Identify the mole tunnels in your garden/yard.
2.Sprinkle castor oil granules throughout your garden, paying extra attention to areas of high mole activity. A good rule of thumb is to use about 1 pound of granules per 1,000 square feet of garden.
3.Water the granules to release their natural mole-repellent chemicals.
4.Wait patiently as the granules work its magic.

Eliminate Garden Grubs

Moles love to feast on tiny garden grubs; therefore, common sense should tell you that eliminating grubs from your garden will keep moles at bay. So, how do you get rid of garden grubs?

One idea is to sprinkle used coffee ground throughout your garden. The highly acidic nature of coffee grounds will kill grubs on contact without poisoning your soil or plants.