Product Spotlight: Can-Filters 38 Special Carbon Air Filter

The 38-Special By Can-Filters is a premium carbon air filter that’s perfect for any indoor garden. Whether you’re growing fruits, vegetables, herbs or decorative flowers, you can’t go wrong with this high-end air filter. It provides a superior level of performance with higher air flow ratings, .08 seconds contact time, and less weight that similar carbon filters on the market, all of which make it the preferred choice by experienced indoor gardeners.

Can-Filter is a trusted name in the carbon air filter market. They’ve been in the business of producing air filters for over 7 years, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about the process. The 38 Special is one of their latest lines of products, offering a unique combination of performance and efficiency. It offers the same carbon bed design as the original Can-Filter but contains roughly 20% less carbon material; therefore, lowering it’s weight and making it more portable.

Different Sizes Available In The 38-Special Carbon Filter offers the 38-Special by Can-Filters in a variety of different sizes, including CAN33, CAN50, CAN75 and CAN100.

Note: all of the 38-Special by Can-Filters carbon air filters have an 80-degree Celsius (176 Fahrenheit) operating temperature. They also share the same carbon bed depth of 55mm / 2". Some of the nuances between the different sizes include weight, height, flange distance, exhaust, max CRM,

Benefits of Using a Carbon Air Filter:
•Eliminates unwanted odors (particularly useful in close-quarter grow rooms.
•Filters out bacteria, mold, mildew and other germs.
•Reduces the risk of air-borne disease in your garden.
•Easy to install and use. The point-and-plug design allows anyone to install and use a carbon air filter, regardless of past experience.
•Promotes an all-around healthy indoor garden.

While other carbon air filters are mass manufactured in overseas factories, the Can-Filters 38-Special is made right here in North America. Their company headquarters are located in the British Columbia, Canada, where they continue to raise the bar for the competing air filter manufacturers.

The market is loaded with dozens of different carbon air filters, all of which claim to be the best best. But talk is cheap, and performance is what really matters in this industry. The Can-Filters 38-Special delivers exactly what it promises: a high-end air filter that’s capable of filtering 99.9% of impurities out of the air.