Product Spotlight: Oasis 4x8 Grow Tent

For our monthly product spotlight, we’re going to talk about the ultra powerful and equally versatile Oasis 4 x 8 Grow Tent. Whether this is your first attempt to start an indoor garden, or if you’ve been doing it for years, you can’t go wrong with this brilliant grow tent. It’s made with professional-grade materials to achieve a look and feel that’s superior to similarly prices grow tents.

Oasis is a brand that’s still relatively new to the market, but don’t assume they are just another fly-by-night company that’s here today and gone tomorrow. They’ve already established themselves as a leading figure in this ever-growing market, due in part to the quality of their products.

The Oasis 4 x 8 Grow Tent features pro-grade reflective material coating the entire interior to prevent any and all light from escaping. It’s no secret that more light translates into bigger plants. And when you have bigger plants, you get a larger yield. This is why it’s important for indoor gardeners to take full advantage of their light by trapping it inside the grow tent.

The Oasis 4 x 8 Grow Tent is designed to do just that: it uses highly reflective material covering the sides, top and bottom to provide ideal growing conditions for any fruit, vegetable, herb, or plant you choose to grow.

One of the problems that plaque many grow tents is the potential for air and light escaping through the openings. Even if it appears to be sealed, it’s not uncommon for small amounts of light and air to escape through the seals. Thankfully, this isn’t a problem with the Oasis 4 x 8 Grow Tent as it uses oversized airtight and light-proof zippers. Once the openings are zipped up, no air or light will be able to escape.

The Oasis 4 x 8 grow tent is constructed with stainless steel poles,  so you don’t have to worry about it collapsing or caving in. These poles provide a superior level of strength and durability, which is just one more reasons why Oasis is the fasting growing name in the grow tent biz.

So, how much will a high-end grow tent such as this set you back? is currently selling the Oasis 4 x 8 Grow Tent for the incredibly low price of just $485.00 – a fraction of the cost of similar-sized grow tents. And in case you were wondering, all grow tent orders are shipped free at no additional charge.